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Подробности файла Сервис-мануал Canon PIXMA MP970

Мануал Сервис-мануал Canon PIXMA MP970
1. Maintenance.
1.1 Adjustment, Periodic Maintenance, Periodic Replacement Parts, and Replacement Consumables by Service Engineer;
1.2 Customer Maintenance;
1.3 Special Tools;
1.4 Serial Number Location;
2. List of Error Display / Indication.
2.1 Operator Call Errors;
2.2 Service Call Errors for Canon Pixma MP 970;
2.3 Other Error Messages;
2.4 Warnings;
2.5 Troubleshooting by Symptom;
3. Repair.
3.1 Notes on Service Part Replacement;
3.2 Special Notes on Repair Servicing;
3.2.1 External housing, scanner unit, and document cover removal;
3.2.2 Operation panel removal;
3.2.3 Cable wiring and connection;
3.2.4 Emblem removal;
3.2.5 Printer unit separation from the bottom case (how to remove the screw under the purge unit);
3.3 Adjustment / Settings;
3.3.1 Paper feed motor adjustment;
3.3.2 Document pressure plate sheet (sponge sheet) replacement;
3.3.3 Grease application;
3.3.4 Ink absorber counter setting;
3.3.5 User mode;
3.3.6 Service mode;
A: Service mode operation;
B: Destination settings;
C: Ink absorber counter resetting for Canon Pixma MP 970;
D: Ink absorber counter setting;
E: LF / Eject correction;
F: Left margin correction;
G: Button and LCD test
3.4 Verification Items;
3.4.1 Service test print;
3.4.2 Ink absorber counter value print;
4. Machine Transportation.

Parts Catalog.
A. Illustration Index;
B. Parts Layout and Parts List;
C. Options and Consumables;
D. Screws and Washers List;
E. Tool List;
F. Numerical Index.
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